Tuesday, July 9, 2019

So much to say! A long time, and many changes!

So, in a nutshell, I'm gonna tell you all that life has been a whirlwind.

My brilliant daughter, who is extremely dexterous and creative is starting Harvard this fall.  Yes, Harvard.  I'm not kidding. So... looks like I'm gonna be wearing my "Harvard Mom" t shirt everywhere from now on.

My brilliant son is an incredible musician.  He picked up his "sideways piano" (as my daughter calls it about 5 months ago, and you would not believe...!  His playing in insanely beautiful.  He has an amp, and I don't care one bit. I often have to check to see if the radio is playing, or if it is his playing!

Lastly, a cancer diagnosis has thrown me for a loop.  I still have potential customers and long-term customers wanting me to d things, but it isn't the time.  I'm doing chemo, but the road is long, and my prognosis is good.  Treatment is ongoing.  Still love and follow all of you I've been following up till now, and it makes me happy to see your work! And yes, I am still running the Find a dressmaker website!


  1. Oh, Mimi. I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis and treatment. How life gives us so much good to be joyful about, then throws in a doozy of an obstacle! Healing thoughts and the very best of wishes, and hope that all will be well.

  2. Joys and challenges intertwined--wishing you a successful return to health! Elle


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