Garment District Maps (2018!)

Ever-evolving and constantly updated maps of garment district stores and services I have found over many years of creating/designing, selling, buying, learning, and interacting with the many businesses here in NYC. The list is ever-changing, because the district is ever-changing! The standard "speakeasy" map currently includes more than 35 vendors, and the others provide many vendors with specialties related to the type of map on which they are featured.  There are many more businesses beyond those I list here, but these represent some of the best, and some of my personal favorites!

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The payment tab below is for a curated shopping map with descriptions of the best stores (and why I love them). It is $22, and can be purchased online via Paypal.  The map lists many of the places we have visited on various Speakeasies, and is, of course, ever-evolving. The map(s) you order will be sent to you as a link, generally within three business hours of your order. 

You may purchase a map by using the payment button directly below. Purchase of a map assumes you have a desktop, laptop, or smartphone which makes this map useful/navigable for you. You can also print it, but it makes a pretty crowded/messy presentation, and NO ONE wants to/can go EVERYWHERE! 

If you would like to purchase a map I have created, credit and debit payment options are offered once you click the payment button:

Garment District "Speakeasy" source Map - Newly revised! ($22):

Another choice:
Don't want to haggle, climb over piles of bolts, question fiber content?  Here's the "Best of the best" map ($20), letting you know where to go for apparel/home/accessories fabrics and notions, maximizing the use of your time for the best quality shopping experience and goods the district has to offer. Note: Some of these stores do not exist on any other maps offered here, and some (because of exclusivity) are not detailed on the site.

*There are other map options below this one - see each description to see the other choices!

Other choices:
A map of Home Decor Fabrics, Services and Notions stores in the district. Need your fabric printed?  Grommets in your curtain? Wanna make a baby bedding set? Wanna make something exciting?  Need your zippers cut to size?  This is the map for you!  This map is $12. (You will keel over before you can see them all, but you will likely go to the ones matching your taste and budget, which can certainly be done in one afternoon/day of shopping)

Tailoring Supplies:

This map is $20.  Where do I buy tailoring canvas, great fabrics for suits and tailored garments, the right tools, get my buttonholes made, the right hand sewing thread, clappers and pressing tools? I'll tell ya...

Leather and Leatherworking tools:

This map is $22.  Okay, this is a seriously researched map, thus the higher price.  The blog will tell you plenty, but this map is my sincerely dedicated effort, learned through my own trial and (expensive) error!

"Feet wet" map:

Never been to the District before?  Tourist? Tell me what you love, and this map will be made just for you, based on your likes/preferences.  For example: Handicapped accessible, quiet atmosphere, natural fibers, craft purposes, low price, historical costume... Just indicate what you need before sending payment.   This is a version of a "custom" map, so the price is the same as charged for the map below, BUT... if your needs are extensive or require research, a different payment amount may need to be negotiated. We'll talk...

Shoemaker's map:

After a few weeks of research, I have found where most of the supplies I'd love to use are sold... and it wasn't easy! This map is $20.

Custom map:

This map is made just for you, based on your request(s).  Contact me first, before paying for this, to make sure I know where to find what you need, and that I can provide a map within the timeframe you need. Note: Most things people seek are found within the maps listed above.

Comment on this page to contact me if you want a custom map for your specific quest! I'll be glad to help!