Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Make the things that love the body they adorn... (Body Shaming, cancer, and Pink)

Repost: Originally dated 4/22/15

You may be reading this because you love Pink somewhere around half as much as I do (because any more would be IMPOSSIBLE.)  Let's start with a photo, shall we?

My ridiculous fan-love for Pink has inspired my post today.

Pink, at an event honoring Maggie DiNome (2nd from right), Chief of General Surgery at St. John's Hospital

Curious about what Maggie DiNome has done? 

Curious about what Pink has done?  See below:

So, why am I telling you this? Because the "news" the media chose to embrace was Pink's appearance in a particular dress.  And, this was Pink's perfect Twitter response to all of that noise...

So, let's think about love, life, and cancer recovery/survival.  Chances are, you know a woman affected by cancer, and may have thought about ways to make her feel beautiful.  Here are some ideas:

This is a current McCalls pattern, available online, if you don't have a vendor near you.

Gorgeous patterned silks abound at Fabrics & Fabrics, a fantastic selection of jerseys are at NY Elegant, and you can get fantastically fashion forward with fabrics from Elliott Berman! (Just to name a few...)

Post mastectomy?  Steinlauf and Stoller has some bust cups that will do wonderful things to help even out the bust line (and swim cups, too!), and Manhattan Wardrobe Supply has "petals" to help with "nipple-consciousness".

If this is a current struggle for you or someone you love, here's an even more immediate idea:

The "anti-ouch pouch" is a pattern and instructions offered by the American Sewing Guild's beloved sewing publication, and it is meant to ease the pain of movement following surgery.

And, let's consider the shaming part... Why do people do this to each other?


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