Speakeasy Tours for 2017!

A "Speakeasy" tour is a tour that takes a group or individual on an intense, four (or more!) -hour, educational shopping journey in the garment district.  Some tours have themes; notions, leather, suede and home decor have been the popular offerings so far.  You are generally taken to the stores you would not likely find on your own, or stores with unusual or discount offers for our group. We have a blast, have lunch together, and get inspired by others' creative ideas and input.  

The next tour dates will be announced soon!

Wanna reserve a spot?  Scroll down for dates IN BOLD, and read details to decide if you would like to participate.

I know many people have schedules that don't match the dates I offer. What to do? Three alternatives: 1) Ask for a $18 copy of my special Speakeasy map, complete with where to go, and what makes the stores I mention special. 2) tell me what you're looking for, and I'll give you a customized map based on your desired shopping time(s), dates, purpose, and budget. 3) Ask for a customized map because you are looking for a specific category of goods (i.e. - just cottons, just organics, just silks, just stretch, home dec, jewelry or bag making supplies, etc.) 4) Ask me for a private tour. We'll talk price based on whether it is possible for me, appropriate for you, etc. contact me directly for any of these options.

Custom tours and custom maps have been particularly popular requests lately.  Contact me directly to discuss your needs.

Want to "do it yourself"?  Wanna "go it alone" at your leisure? Just want just a map? You can buy one from me here, or you can email me for details.

You may always inquire about private tours.  Private tours are now my most common request.

I have private speakeasies booked for a few other dates in September, but welcome inquiries for other dates, if mutually workable.

Note: These are group shopping trips, not sightseeing tours.  There is no transportation involved other than our own feet, and some stores are not handicapped accessible. While such tours exist (very affordably!), if you are a tourist who just wants to "see the district" or historian, I can suggest alternatives for you.  

Wanna read about past Speakeasies? 

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