Monday, June 29, 2020

There is no "size" for the face.

If you're like me, you've been making masks.  If you're like me, you've been asked by friends/clients/businesses/charities/organizations to make masks. 

In all of this mask making, one thing is clear to me - 

 Mask-making is as "custom" as it gets.

The width of your face, whether you feel suffocated, whether you want it to tie on the back of your head, loop around your ears, have an elastic belt around the full circumference of your head...  Will it mess with your hairstyle, your beard, your glasses, your color coordination, your breathing, your comfort? All are worthy considerations, and it takes a special person to try to accommodate all of the concerns thrown at them.  But,,, ignore/don't ask these things, and you will have made a mask that will never be worn. That's tough.


But it's true.

So what do you do?  You've gotta err on the side of too many choices. I can't see nay other way. I've made a bunch of styles for myself, and for my family, (extended and nuclear - more than big enough to keep me VERY busy). I've got a basket of "kinds".  Choose the one that suits, claim it, and it belongs to you.  I don't doubt that you've seen the tutorials.

My current favorite is below:

But I've also done these...

And lots more... from the first mention of cotton masks as protection, until now. I have made them for wide faces, bearded faces, kids' faces, fashion-loving faces... and now I really encourage people to try to make their own.  They really are easy to make, and there are plenty of places to buy, it seems (but I haven't tried to buy any myself). We're in a new zone now. If we're gonna be wearing masks all the time now, we'll all need a good few. I happened to have many fabrics around, thanks to a corporate gift of quilting squares I received as a thank you for a professional favor, but now, you cane even buy plenty of cotton fabrics online, too.