What is the Garment District?
The Garment District, or Garment Center, extends from 34th Street to 40th Street and from Sixth to Ninth Avenue. It is the epicenter of New York's fashion design and fashion manufacturing industry. There is a high concentration of fabric stores, trim shops, notions stores and garment production-related services within just a few blocks, which is why so many sewists and crafters like to make pilgrimages to the Garment District whenever they can. Visit this site for more information on the Garment District's history and legacy.  You may also contact me directly if you would like to buy a map.

What stores are open on the weekends?
Many stores are open on Saturday but most are closed on Sundays. Paron's is now open on Sunday, as is Chic Fabrics. Prime Fabrics on W. 35th is open on Sundays. It's always best to call first before you plan a special trip here on a Sunday.

Where can I find interfacing?
Mood Fabrics has a good selection at reasonable prices. Notions stores like SIL Thread, Steinlauf & Stoller and Pacific Trimmings also carry interfacing, though typically these stores sell them in packages of just a few yards.

Where can I find muslin?
Steinlauf and Stoler offers the widest variety of muslin (woven, fusible, different weights, black, white, tailoring weight...) Many notion stores above carry muslin in different weights and sold in packages of a few yards. Mood Fabrics also sells it by the yard.

I want to make a Chanel-style jacket. What are the best places to look for wool bouclé?
In no particular order, B&J Fabrics, Rosen & Chadick, Mood Fabrics, NY Elegant Fabrics, Lace Star, Elliott Berman Textiles, Mendel Goldberg, and sometimes Paron's Fabrics. That's for the 100% wool, top quality stuff. You can find bouclé wool-polyester blends at many stores in the Garment District.

I'm shopping on a tight budget. What fabric stores do you recommend?
For better fabrics that are less than $12 a yard, I'd look to Metro Textiles, Spandex House (knits), and True Mart. Bargains are becoming harder and harder to find, but you might get lucky at some of the small stores on W. 35th and W. 39th too.

Where can I get buttonholes made?
Jonathan Embroidery on W. 38th will make regular and keyhole buttons while you wait, for about $1-$2 a buttonhole.

Where can I get snaps and grommets installed?
Star Snaps is the best place for anything you need, or you can go to Steinlauf & Stoller, they install snaps and grommets. They're also great at telling customers where else in the Garment District to look.

Where can I find quilting cottons?
B&J Fabrics and Rosen & Chadick carry the better brands of quilt cottons, like Robert Kaufman. The City Quilter is close to the Garment District at W. 25th between Seventh and Sixth.

Where can I have zippers cut to size?
Pacific Trimmings, Botani, and SIL Thread will all cut zippers to your exact size.

Where can I buy patterns?
My best advice is to buy your patterns before you come to the Garment Center. Only a few stores carry patterns and you aren't likely to find any deals on them. Mood Fabrics has Vogue patterns at 15% off the retail price; Paron's Fabrics carries Kwik-Sew and Burda patterns, plus BurdaStyle magazine, all at full price; and Butterfly Fabrics on W. 35th has McCalls, Butterick and Vogue patterns at full price.

Can I buy a map from you? Absolutely!