Monday, February 14, 2011

Calvin Klein 2010 and 2011 Runway Fabrics at Elliott Berman Textiles

A label from a Calvin Klein fabric bolt at Elliott Berman Textiles on W.35th

If you've always wanted to sew with the fabrics just off the runways, Elliott Berman Textiles is offering you your big chance. Mathew and Eugenia just got a big shipment of Calvin Klein fabrics--wools, silks, viscose, blends, etc.--all from the designer's recent runway collections, as the label above attests. Prices are around the $30 to $35 a yard area, and the fabrics I saw would definitely work year-round. Stop by their office to see these fabrics for yourself, or call Eugenia at 212-764-0180 for more information.

Just a few of the bolts of new Calvin Klein fabric at Elliott Berman Textiles.

I don't remember if this was Calvin or not, but I wanted to show it to you because you don't often see pleated fabric like this available for sale.


  1. Considering it's supposed to get to 53 degrees F here in NYC today, I'd say yes to that too, Joanne!

  2. i believe that white flowy fabric is from ralph lauren spring 2011


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