Friday, May 11, 2012

Why shop at Rosen & Chadick?

In sharp contrast to so many other stores in the garment district, here is a second generation owner-partnership that actually CARES. A great retail shopping experience in a place that mainly serves the trade, they are so knowledgeable and well connected that if they don't have it, they can certainly find out who does, or suggest a great substitute.

They also have a candy cup that holds Twizzlers. (My weakness...)

So, what do they have?

What everyone else doesn't. Seriously. If you come out of there unimpressed, tell me. And I won't believe you.
Having said that, you can't just walk in, asking "Whatcha got?" and expect to find something fabulous to buy. Their clients have a vast variety of needs. Summon your inner New Yorker and cut to the chase. Wanna see some cashmere? Some washed linen? Soem shirtings? They have them... in colors and patterns TO DIE for. Just don't waste their time.

Now, I know that on the subject of this store, there have been posts in the past, but I respectfully disagree with some of the points, and while many of my reasons are historical, I will explain here:

They know a heckofalot about fabric. I remember about a decade ago, when this store was a HUGE ground level establishment, next door to what is now NY Elegant, and the original owners were helping customers personally. I gasped at the beauty... and then the price, on a hanging piece of silk velvet. "Teddy" Chadick, sensing my horror, walked over to me, and, in the most patient, passionate, and kind way, explained to me fully the difference between poly velvet and silk velvet, showing me all of the subtleties that made this fabric "worth" the price. I did return and buy that velvet, making the most painstakingly careful, gorgeous jacket I own. A decade later, it remains in my wardrobe - the color is still as lusciously smoky lavender, the napped texture as softly plush, as delightful to wear as the day I bought it. I can also see and appreciate the differences between fabrics of the same name sold elsewhere, but different qualities.

They can explain what makes something special and desirable, which, frankly, sometimes isn't important to a home sewer. But it is indispensable to the designer clients they serve. Don't get me wrong; they want your business, but they don't make their money selling two yards of denim to home sewers. They've got people ordering 1000's of yards, and the home sewer is gravy. Good gravy, but gravy...

The benefit of shopping there, is that when you need quality, you know you can find it there. The washed linen pants I made in 2006 look as crisp as the day I made them... and that is thanks to great fabric.

My wool/cashmere Miyake-inspired coat. The comfiest, coziest fabric around - like wearing a blanket in the winter. Only I know how cozy it is, but, what people say, is "Oh, that COLOR!"

Now, THAT"s a reason to shop at Rosen & Chadick.

561 7th Avenue
2nd AND 3rd Floor
at 40th Street


  1. They also sell necktie fabric. Gorgeous Italian stuff. And they are so friendly.

    1. Oh, yes! I forgot about that! That is a HUGE plus!

  2. I love it there too! So many gems there.

  3. Replies
    1. Haha! Well, I'm being honest!

    2. But also, my experiences at Mood have been limited to just the recent past, though... coincidentally stumbling over Project Runway camera crews each time. I'm sure if I go on a calmer day, I'll be able to give a more thoughtful review....


  4. Hi! I'm planning on visiting NYC this summer. Can you tell me if fabric stores are open in the garment district on Sundays???

    1. Some are, but Sunday truly isn't ideal. On the weekend, the garment district is a much different place. Do try to go during the week, when all options are available to you.

  5. Mimi, even though I live in Australia. I'm realy enjoying your posts. I love visiting NYC and this will be a terrific guide next time I go. Love the cashmere coat.

    1. I will echo that -- I'm really enjoying your excellent posts, Mimi!

  6. thank you! I was just in the city looking for exactly that -- fabric to make a necktie and pocket square set. Will check this out asap.

  7. I know this is an old thread, but I felt like adding my 2 cents. I live in DC, and have made several trips to NY to purchase fabric. I make my own dress shirts, and finding quality shirtings can be difficult.

    On my first visit, it was near closing, but David and Ellen were so kind, and even stayed past their closing time to talk with me. This was my first time to the garment district (and my first time in NYC--Period!) and I didn't plan my time very well, since I had no idea where the stores were, and what to expect.

    I sent David an email after I arrived home, just to thank them for the nice visit, and for staying past closing to talk with me.

    Several months later, I made another trip, and put R&C first on the list of shops to visit. To my surprise, David and Ellen remembered me--even though I didn't actually purchase any fabric on my first visit.

    Everything you hear about their customer is true! Put R&C on you list.

    BTW, the upstairs is terrific. The selection of wools is impeccable. My traveling companion is a Chanel jacket expert, and her mouth nearly dropped when she saw an entire wall of Chanel fabric for her Chanel jackets.

    Jim in Virginia


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