Thursday, October 25, 2012

NY Trim store review: Joyce Trimming

Joyce Trimming

Address: 109 W. 38th Street (close to Sixth Avenue), New York, NYC
Phone: 212-719-3110
Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:30 am - 6:30 pm; Saturday 10 am - 5 pm
Online store: ejoyce
Best for: Unusual findings, buttons, closures, beads, trims, handbag handles, frames, closures, straps - and at great prices, too!

As described on the web, Joyce Trimming's buzzwords are "Heat Transfer Shop, Purse Supplies, Appliques. Beads, Beaded Trim, Braids, Buckles. Buttons, Chains, Cords, Flowers. Fringe, Fur & Feathers, Home Décor ..." 

And wow, it is all that AND a bag o' chips...

This post can be best categorized as a "fresh" look at Joyce Trimming, since the June 2009 post by Meg introduced the uninitiated to this wonderful palace of a trim store, but I just have SO much to add...

For one thing, the button selection is all kinds of cool.  They seem to have found even the funkiest versions of everything plain there is.  It is this wonderfully curated collection of buttons that inspires so many different ways to use and feature them. Talk about a creative jump-start!  

I also must mention that their leather trims are not only exciting, but a good 50% of the prices charged at some of the other leather purveyors in the neighborhood.  And I do mean the EXACT. SAME. STUFF.

Great sequin selection too. Hot fix and sew-on.  Wonderful colors.  Easy as pie to see and decide.  

I may have shared my fear of bead stores on this blog in the recent past.  Like sweaty palm, shortness of breath kind of confusion, indecision, I-must-leave-now kinda fear.  Well, Joyce solves that.  Not intimidating.  Set up in a way that lets me find things.

So, what else can you get there?  They are THE place to go for Swarovski crystals. Bling galore!

And hey, someone was looking for those little metal buckles used to make kids overalls?  Joyce!

Hot fix sequins? Joyce!

Prettiest of pretty lace trims? Joyce!

I've been to Joyce before, but today, in that store, I almost felt like I went to heaven.  You gotta go.  You just gotta...

Note: This is not an ad, but a testimonial. I don't do solicited posts, so trust me when I say this is my own gut reaction to this place.


  1. Hello, Joyce Trimmings. I'm sold. One bus ticket from MD/DC to NYC garment district please.

    Oh Mimi, I love your writing. Yes, I do mean love. You have a way with words.

    1. That is just about the nicest compliment, EVER! Thank you!

  2. I could spend an entire day in Joyce Trimming. Every time I go there, I find things I hadn't seen before. They're a stone's throw away from some other trim stores, but they manage to carry unique things. The store is very well edited. Go to any section, and you WILL find something you can use.

    I discovered their bead section during my last trip. It's not real large, and it definitely has local competition, but again -- Joyce manages to have not only the basic needs, but also choices you won't find elsewhere. I looked at every bead store in the District (twice!), and Joyce was the only one who had glass pony beads. I'd been searching stores for them for a year. Price was excellent. I bought every size & color they had!

    The staff there is great, too. It really is one of my favorite stores. I hope they stay there a long time!

    I have a few of those "carved" flat-back hearts you photographed. I'm saving them for some sort of special Valentine craft. They're in the back of the store, if you can make it past the fantastic button walls up front without blowing your entire allowance. :)

    1. And coming from you, I know that is a VERY strong endorsement, as it seems you have been everywhere! Yes, that is my bead place now...

    2. Yep - I meant what I said! Love the store & the stock & the staff! They're a little gem for sure. It's like opening a box of chocolates and realizing that every choice is going to be good. :)

      They have a pretty decent upholstery trim wall in the back, too, that I have yet to tap. But I was impressed with what I saw. They don't try to carry every trim ever made, but what I saw would certainly work for many projects. And you can't go wrong with their prices!

  3. P.S. - Mimi - I'm sending you an e-mail... :)

  4. Mimi,
    Love your blog. I love fabric but do not do much sewing anymore. I am a jewelry designer and love finding great and unique supplies to use in different ways in my work. I too have taken groups into NYC to shop just not for fabric. ;) I have started to establish some relationships with different bead/jewelry supply places. Living 3 hours away from the City, I only get there 1-2 times a year. Wishing I could come more and spend more time!


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