Thursday, December 13, 2012

PR 11th Anniversary party at Elliott Berman

I must say, yesterday was a perfect day.  Just perfect.  That doesn't happen often.  Had a great morning meeting, followed up with great time with my kids after school, and then a PARTY.  Yes, a PARTY!  I don't get out much at night people.  I'm a mom of two kids. This was a big deal for me.

What fun we had last night! Yes, I went to the NYC Pattern Review 11th Anniversary party/Holiday party at Elliott Berman Textiles. Had a great time with those who came out to celebrate, and we were truly warmly received in their space.  Tricked out with party lights, music, food, and music, it was a fabric lover's paradise. Oh, and there was carrot cake!  I  love carrot cake...

We actually played fabric and designer trivia games!!!! And while I never win anything, and I mean ANYTHING... ever... this time, since it was trivia, not luck, I knew the answers to many of the questions, and, as a result, I totally racked up on fabulous fabric swag! Yup, there were prizes!

Oh, and get this... Among the fun guests at the party, I actually got to meet some bloggers I had only met "virtually" so far, and that was really a kick! Among them:

Kelli of True Bias
Clio of Clio & Phineas
Peter of Male Pattern Boldness - and Yes, he was wearing the great color blocked shirt!

And I also got a chance to have great conversations with other passionate people who are in the industry, but not the blogosphere!

You know what proves how much I enjoyed myself?  I didn't pull out my camera EVEN once!


  1. It was really great to meet you in person! I always love talking about the ins and outs of sewing and blogging with those who really know.

    1. It was great meeting you, too! That was really a perfect lil' shindig!

  2. So nice to have a face to go with the name! Now I'll be on the lookout for you in the GD!


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