Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Holiday gifts for the sewing enthusiast!

Much like last year's post (2012), similarly titled, "Holiday gifts for the sewing enthusiast..." Yeah, okay, the only real difference is the ellipsis and some updated information...

Let's say you know and/or love someone who loves to sew or craft.  There are some gifts guaranteed not to disappoint.  Time is short, life is busy.

Maybe you want to gift yourself with something sewing-related.   Maybe you want to gift yourself, and then hand the bill to someone else (ahem...) for reimbursement for your Christmas gift... Offensive? Maybe.  Efficient?  Definitely.  (You'll thank me later for that idea...)

Did you know there are some fabric stores, sewing studios, and websites who offer gift certificates and other gift possibilities?

Well, here are some ideas for you.

Gift Certificates:

Elliott Berman Textiles 
Mood Fabrics (online or in-store)
Emma One Sock (online only, for online use)
Gorgeous Things (online only, for online use)

Classes (in person):
Knitting Classes at School Products Yarn

Books and Subscriptions:

If you know of any other NYC garment-related stores  offering gift certificates, don't hesitate to chime in!


  1. I should have been paying more attention at the checkout counters recently. I'll bet there were gift cards at stores like M&J Trim or Botani or Joyce Trim or Pacific Trim. I did find that Manhattan Wardrobe Supply has cards you can purchase online. They have great things for anyone who sews, wears clothes, or has feet!

    For classes, try Purl Soho, City Quilter, or Pins & Needles.

    For books & gifts, how about the FIT bookstore? I saw a big display of travel coffee mugs there recently, and I think they have umbrellas & totes, too.

    M&J Trim has some sewing tools with their own label on them that I've given as gifts, and I got a jewelry maker some unique beading things (tools) there, too. Joyce Trim has cool beads, hidden in the back of the store, both in boxes & on pegs. Fun2Bead has great vials of beads, including some "bead soup" mixes not found elsewhere, that I wouldn't mind Santa dropping in my stocking. Botani & Joyce have Gutermann thread colors that can't be found at "the big box suburban sewing store," including colors that come in the 100-count Gutermann thread rack. I couldn't refill my rack til I found the missing colors at Joyce.

    And I keep picking up $7 Wiss thread snips at SIL Thread to use as Christmas party door prizes at my sewing club. The snips are always a hit, and I love using them, too!

    Anyone want to send me a plane ticket so I can do their Christmas shopping for them? HA!

    1. I would recommend all the places you suggested, although the FIT Bookstore is primarily good for FIT-branded merchandise. Other supplies are cheaper elsewhere.

      If you want to learn to sew well and have the time, I recommend a term-long sewing class at FIT. Even if you are primarily interested in women's clothes, I recommend starting with MW 142, Menswear Sewing. You make a man's shirt with a collar, collar stand, felled sleeves and sleeve placket cuffs and professionally made buttonholes. It's a complex project and learning to sew it well really builds skills. You have to do the work on an industrial machine, but classrooms are available during the day after classes end until 2 a.m. and during most of the weekend.

      If you can, take it with Mark-Evan Blackman, who is an exceptionally clear and patient teacher.



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