Thursday, April 3, 2014

Beyond Rebellion: Fashioning the Biker Jacket

Fashion Institute of Technology has done it again! Nestled behind "Trend-ology", which I featured on this blog in January of this year, is another smart, great, culturally relevant, fun exhibit.

This biker jacket exhibit is a small but worthy one, exploring an iconic type of garment in a new, highly aesthetic and practical way.  What I studied specifically and appreciated about this exhibit, was the technical sketch of the standard biker jacket, its features, and the descriptions of how and why a prototypical biker jacket is designed in such a specific way.  Who knew the epaulettes were for holding gloves?  I never considered the assymmetric zipper to be a factor for improving wind resistance, and... assuming you might actually mount a bike wearing one, that jacket needs to be short, needs to have a belt, and those pockets need to zip!

There are also some lovely designer examples to see on display, all worth examining for features and details.  It is a bit-size dose of an education on the biker jacket... and when you're done... head downstairs for another great exhibit.

See my next post for more!


  1. How long will the exhibit run? I'll be in NYC the middle of May.
    Karen in Houston

    1. This particular exhibit will run until April 5 only. But there's more to see! See my next post for more!


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