Thursday, August 21, 2014

Garment District History (and my own heartbeat)

The Garment District in NYC is a place that makes me want to look around and sigh...  I love the old stories, the connections, and the history. I really have an insatiable love for what goes on here, and the way that the various businesses support, nurture, and inspire one another. 

 The importance of proximity, and how it fuels creativity is so important and well expressed in this video (above).

If you appreciate the history and personal connections as much as I do, I invite you to read the posts linked below, about businesses who have honed their craft over time, and really know their stuff!

Fabric flowers for embellishments (think Sarah Jessica Parker), accessories (think Chanel) and home decor. 

A beautiful pleating company, with a history and commitment level that will truly astound you.

A pajama manufacturer, whose story and insight on the current state of garment production will get your wheels turning.

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