Friday, March 17, 2017

10 Surefire ways to Maintain your (or someone else's) Faboulosity (I don't pretend to have original thoughts, BTW...)

Let's say you are attending Fashion Week events, or just need to look drop-dead fabulous for your own reasons...

Eva Gabor - from my father's collection of TWA publicity photos... many years ago.

*Update to an old post from 2014

You'll need some supplies to maintain your gorgeousness, won't you?

Today, I read another fall-down funny post on Man Repeller, and while I do not possess her brilliant comedy writing skills, I do know a thing or two about fashion/prop life kits, and feel a desperate need to elaborate on the subject. Having worked in live theater, TV, movies, and worst-of-all... weddings, I've got information to share, based on personal experience.  A very experienced person will know these things already, but some of us need a little help.

Here are some things you will absolutely need:

Stains?  Yeah, I see your Tide-to-Go Stick and I'll raise you a mighty Mme Paulette Stain Removal Kit.  The famous dry cleaner has certainly saved many garments for me over the years, and a few ties for my husband! I once wore an expensive sea foam green silk ensemble to a wedding where Chinese food was served, and... well, you know the rest... That experience led me to this product, and I just keep extras on hand now. When you can't just ask for club soda, and you know your ensemble is dry clean only, nothing beats it!

Thread clippers/Scissors, 'cause you know you'll end up needing them to trim those getaway threads and/or store tags you forgot to clip before leaving home.  Portable, with a protective cap or sleeve is best.  Small and non-threatening, let's avoid getting them confiscated by security, wherever you'll be.

Lambs wool padding for shoes that hurt! Beloved comfort for ballet dancers on pointe, this wonderful, soft padding will cushion sore areas, and help make life more bearable!

Double-stick body tape/ fashion tape.  Too late to lift those babies up now... I'm just trying to keep your dress closed, and your lining hem from being exposed!

A stapler (or an equivalent) Seriously. I know no one would recommend this under normal circumstances, but can I just tell you... there are some things only a stapler will do.  Believe me on this one.  (Paper clips come in a close second.) Don't believe me? I've got a couple of A-list stars whose situations I've saved that you could actually ask.  They'll remember!

A portable steamer.  For events where you have a place to put it.  It would be kinda crazy to lug one around just for yourself.

A lint-roller.  Because you have a cat.  Because you have a dog.  Because you have a fuzzy carpet/sofa or occasional wild trysts in the coat closet... That's none of my business, though.

I must disagree with Man Repeller on the deodorant suggestion, though.  What you need if you're already out, is a way to prevent the sticky situation, or a way to clean up.  A stack of Stridex pads and/or deodorant wipes can cure just about anything, really.  That's all you need.  After all, you took a shower, right?

A sewing kit.  Whatever ripped or split, just disappear into the ladies' lounge or some quiet area and fix it, if you can.  People around you will be impressed that you can do this on the go.  Good conversation starter. (comes with black safety pins!)

Granola/trail mix/and the most delicious, refreshing beverage ever (depends on your particular favorites, but what I've linked to are garment district specific) - or simplified, a great portable snack that carries you through when you're hungry, and something to wash it down with. Use a straw, just to be safe. Do that, and you're good.

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