Wednesday, November 18, 2015

What happened to Rosen and Chadick?

Look across the street.  Above the Wasabi restaurant.  The windows?  They look dark.  The familiar white lettering on the windows is gone. No shadows of bolts of fabric, no people bustling around inside... Isn't that where Rosen & Chadick was?  Oh no!!! Wait! Where have they gone?

Well, if you go over to the entrance (as I did) and ask, the doorman will hand you a card.


Thank God.

Okay, I'm lying.  I knew they were moving, but was sworn to secrecy until the move was complete, because you know how complicated these deals can be.  

Anyway, today I visited the new Rosen & Chadick space.

They are busy unpacking and setting things up beautifully, organizing their merchandise neatly in this roomy, easily browsable environment.  This spot feels good, and it gives you a fresh perspective on familiar merchandise if you have been to their first and second store locations over the past 50 years or so. Do visit them in this new space, merely a stone's throw away from the old one.  They will be happy to greet you there! 

Big space - stretches out to the right and the left.

Fabrics are now organized by likely end use - makes browsing easier!

Stay tuned for a quick update to this post coming shortly! I'm gonna show you something made with their to-die-for fabric...


  1. Whew! This store was one of my favorites on our tour 2 springs ago. It's exciting to see that the new space is nicer, too. I hope the natural light quality remains the same!

    1. There is less natural light in the new space, but significantly more than you would find in other places!

  2. I was going to send you a note to ask you where they were because I walked by there today and saw that and almost lost my mind! As I walk the streets of the "old" garment district it just seems like there's so many more retail ventures/office buildings etc and no fabric stores. Elegant Fabrics is the only fabric store left on 40th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues! I remember when the street was lined on both sides with fabric stores...I know progress is good but this is just making me feel old! Will stop by Rosen & Chaddick in their new location!

    1. Yes, and we will see more of them close/relocate in the near future. Some landlords have given notices. Soak it all in, and shop while you still have lots of choices!

    2. You marked a moment in your comment here, Carolyn. I’m in mourning.

  3. Sigh, they have closed....COVID takes yet another gem from the world.

  4. It was a pre Covid decision. Sky high rents and other issues helped them to decide it was time.


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