Tuesday, February 9, 2016

International Pleating and... The Super Bowl?

Edit: Spoiler alert - International Pleating pleated the dress fabric.

Get inspired to make your own billowy "Marilyn" moment!

If you don't know International Pleating, visit their website and here to learn more.


  1. I've seen a simlar "making of" video for the Snickers Brady Bunch commercial, which I prefer. I don't like Marilyn Monroe, I don't like the scene, and I don't like the dress.

    It took me a while to figure out what International Pleating had to do with this. It's referred to at approximately 1:50.

    1. The famous scene with Marilyn's dress blowing up is made texturally interesting because of the pleats. Yes, the commercial is a spoof. If you were wondering what International Pleating had to do with this commercial (whether you are a Monroe fan or not), they are a very well respected pleating company, located in NYC's Garment District.

  2. Really interesting - thank you for sharing this!


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