Monday, April 25, 2016

The April 22 Speakeasy! What fun!

First off:

I tried to plan our excursion to avoid the problem I thought the #Hamiltome book signing crowd might cause on 40th street (evidence of the excitement if you click below)

Although the signing didn't begin until 1, there was a reasonable crowd of enthusiastic people who had been waiting since dawn (and some who had camped overnight) lining the street.  

Line extended right in front of NY ELEGANT FABRICS.... Hey, could you guys move over?  Yes, that was one of our stops, and a beautiful fabric I pointed out, and had purchased yardage of years ago also drew the attention of one of the tour participants, who will turn it into something beautiful, I'm sure!

So, where did we go?  Well, I had  a delightful group of artistic women from the west coast to lead, so we went to the places that would light their creative appetites with high quality goods, and great shopping environments.

We spent leisurely quality time in a few different stores - all of them brought us happiness, but... the highlight of the day?

Leather, Suede, Skins! - they never fail to amaze me with the beautiful quality skins they offer.  A dreamy teal, a strong peach, a mottled pumpkin, a dusty rose with a bold sueded purple wrong side... all of it sigh-worthy.

While they do have a website, (link above) you really have to go in person to experience the magic of this store. I particular enjoy being lovingly scolded while shopping there, with a healthy push from the owners to buy, to experiment, to dream... Their stuff isn't cheap.  Not in quality or price, but it is well worth the experience!

As for the other stores?  They have each been featured on the site before, and they were as wonderful as ever. 

The fun of a Speakeasy is the "speakeasy-ness" of it, so that's all I'll say.  Pictures were taken, but won't be shared here. And yes, we had a great lunch.

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