Wednesday, October 11, 2017

And then I looked up! New Fabric Store... Well, a year old...

Walking along 37th Street in the Garment District, I did something I have always done/always do... but not right there, apparently.  At least not recently.

A window sign beckoned to me from the second floor of 222 West 37th.  Inviting everyone to shop for French Couture Fabrics.

Yes, you heard me right.





So, up I went.

One of my very favorite songs was playing when I entered.  A huge plus!  While singing along, (the song is in French) I was greeted very warmly by a French speaking man (who, by the way, has an English speaking employee who is more than enthusiastic about helping you find what you are looking for!) and was invited to look around.  Lots of gorgeousness in this place.  The most spare and no-frills basic display of fabric you will ever see, but truly magical merchandise.

The prices are not low, but not particularly high, either. Don't look for bargains or haggling here. Just buy what you love.

This beautiful double faced fabric, folded back on itself... is just... heavenly.

French Couture Fabrics (click through for website)
222 West 37th Street
2nd Floor

Instagram: frenchcouturefabrics

My advice?  Go.

Just go.

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