Wednesday, January 31, 2018

3-D printed shoes? Can it be done? - A teen's perspective

 Of course it can!  But while 3-D printed shoes sound like a great, new ages thing, we can't forget that SHOES are still SHOES, not merely foot coverings.

Directly from my daughter, I received this fun video, full of promise for a distinctly original shoe-like product.  What I really have a problem with... and watch the video before you draw your own conclusion... is that shoes are PERFORMANCE items.  You have to traverse weather, terrain, movement, surfaces... they should all be considered, and any shoes that cannot withstand the challenge of a few days' wear ARE NOT SHOES.  They are well on their way to being shoes, though.  I think the needed consultant is the person who can actually make shoes by hand.  A cobbler knows what to consider, and what can't be ignored.

What does my daughter (16) think?  She LOVES the idea, and is fascinated. She loves the artistic possibilities, which I also appreciate, but cannot see as anything but a final touch to an otherwise sturdy product.

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