Monday, November 9, 2020

Let's talk...

 I've been interviewed by one of the greatest!  I don't have to say much here.

I suggest you go THERE...

Feel free to express thoughts in the comments, if you so desire.


  1. I was looking at pattern review website and read your article. It is amazing how many "hats" you have worn in your lifetime to meld into what you are now. I would love to have a garment district tour in the future sometime. I am a nana ( who my mother calls Mimi as my first name is Mary) so I chose to be called nana as a grandmother because it is special to hear my mom say it still. I have been to Mood Fabrics and bought three yards of charmeuse 4 yrs. ago that is still unsewn. my first grandchildren are twins, almost 7. I bought a Bernina with high hopes of cute garments and sadly it's a temperamental machine that frustrates me a lot. I can tell you are a talented individual. take care, Mary Beth

    1. Thanks a million times over for your warm and supportive comments! When life gets more “normal”, it will be a joy to lead a garment district tour again!


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