Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Find of the Week: Warm Coat Linings at B&J Fabrics

B&J Fabrics has Sunback lining for coats and jackets in loads of colors, even some prints, like this paisley above.

A relative of mine just bought a really cute duffle coat at J. Crew Factory, but after wearing it this weekend she realized it wasn't going to provide her much warmth. So I told her I'd replace it with a heavier lining fabric, known as Sunback or Kasha lining. It's satiny on one side and like a soft flannel on the other. Really boosts the warmth factor without adding bulk.

I called the fabric stores in the Garment District I thought might carry Sunback lining: Mood, Rosen & Chadick, NY Elegant and B&J. Mood only has it in hunter green ($12/yd), Rosen & Chadick carries only a couple of colors and charges $20/yard, and NY Elegant has several colors at $12.99/yard.

But B&J has oodles of colors, even a print or two, at $10.95 a yard! That's lower than the online prices I've found for Sunback lining. I never thought B&J would be the winner in this category, but there I go again, underestimating this store. I bought two yards of Sunback lining in a paisley print (photo above). Call them at 212-354-8150 and ask for swatches, or visit their web site: B&J Fabrics. Tell them Shop the Garment District sent you!

Note: I swear I saw Paulina Porizkova buying fabric in B&J when I was there. Had to be her.


  1. The website doesn't seem to have the Sunback. I guess I'll have to call instead.

    Thanks for the info - I've been looking for this type of lining, and getting blank stares... :)

  2. I want to hear how you remove the lining and insert the new lining.........I might ned some of that thicker lining at some point......

  3. Very timely!! I'm headed to NYC today to visit my son and I need some of this lining for a coat that I have in the works. Thanks:)

  4. You are a very good person to offer to replace a coat lining. It's not a fun job. I guess because I live in Canada, finding Kasha satin is not difficult. Linda McPhee even suggests using it for sleepwear.
    It is sad that quality ready to wear garments are no longer "quality made."
    Are you old enough to remember when winter coats were interlined with a thin piece of suede to stop the wind from blowing on your back? I am.

  5. I was just telling Trena I needed satin backed flannel to line my winter coat. Years ago I managed to find some at Joann Fabric, but never again. Thanks for the tip.

    And, if you see Paulina again, please ask her for a photo of the dress she wore when she was on Martha Stewart. I've searched and searched and come up with nothing.

  6. I can see how a lining can be easily replaced if it's attached with buttons or a zipper. But if it's sewn in, I'd imagine it would have to be ripped out to be replaced...

  7. I would also really like to know how to replace a lining in a RTW coat!

  8. Replacing a lining is actually pretty easy. Here's an article I found on that explains what to do:

    Note: After I construct the new lining I do attach it to the coat with a fell stitch (by hand).

  9. Thanks for the info. I really want to finally make a winter coat over the Christmas break and it's nice to know that I can run over to B&J and pick this up!


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