Monday, November 29, 2010

Poll: What's Your Favorite Garment District Fabric Store?

Hey readers, I'm curious to know which Garment District fabric stores you consider your favorites. Since I shop on my lunch hour I tend to be partial to the ones closest to my office: Mood Fabrics and Elliott Berman Textiles, which both have wide selections. Take the poll below and let us know your top picks for Garment Center fabric stores.


  1. I am happy to see that so far Paron's Fabrics is in the lead. I know it's MY favorite place to shop. They have great store hours; the staff is very helpful without being overbearing; and the prices are reasonable for the quality of merchandise that they sell. And I love that the fabrics are clearly labeled so you never have to guess at the fiber content.

  2. Paron's is my favorite, too. I like Paron's because the inventory, while not the cheapest, is organized. I can see most of it without having to move bolts and rolls out of the way. And Paron is open on Sunday. If I want to take a train ride on the weekend, Paron will be open. I love that!

    I also voted for Mood because of the volume!!! I have never seen so much fabric in one place.

  3. It's a 4-way tie for my top 3!

    Paron - For their wonderful Annex & for their generous measurements.

    Mood - For their variety, for their 50 cent zippers, for their buttons, for their a/c in the summer, for their restroom, for their place to stash your bags while shopping, and for Swatch, who always needs a pat.

    New York Elegant - For their multitude of unique fabrics, for their amount of staff, and for the discount they gave me last time, after I mentioned the Lindsay T Sews blog.

    Gray Line Linen - For their....linen! Linen like I can't find anywhere else, and prices that don't make me gasp.

    If you dropped me in the city & only gave me a short time to shop, I'd run not walk to those four places.

  4. I will be calling B&J for samples pdq.
    I love looking in NY Elegant but I've yet to buy anything there. It's interesting that the store everyone, including me, thinks is very expensive would have the best selection and best price.

  5. Paron, such lovely, kind people with integrity, history and knowledge


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