Thursday, January 13, 2011

And the Muslin Giveaway Goes to...

Becky of Seattle! Her name was picked in my totally random and highly unscientific drawing: I printed all the comments, cut them up, and then drew one out of a plastic bag. I will be mailing her three yards of super-nice muslin donated to Shop the Garment District by Guide Fabrics on W. 38th Street. Becky, email me your address, ok? And remember to patronize Guide Fabrics as a way of thanking them for making this giveaway possible.

I hope to have more Garment District giveaways in the future. Larry of Guide Fabrics told me he appreciated all the attention it drew to his store. Other than quality muslin, what are some other notions and supplies you have a hard time finding in your immediate area? Store owners may be willing to donate merchandise for giveaways in exchange for the publicity it brings them. I can always ask, right?


  1. Silver Tailor's Thimble (I'm allergic to nickel and often need a hard metal thimble)

    Sharpener for Tailor's Chalk

    Covers for Rotary Cutters

    Grommet Punch

    Can't recall what name I've used in the past. Call me New York Sewer

  2. I have a free account through It's a "cloud" site that permits users to set up notebooks in which webpages can be clipped and stored, as well as many other materials. The files are accessible from any computer that has web access.

    I have a notebook called "Sewing Supplies." I've clipped the page with the info for Guide Fabrics and saved it there with a tag, "muslin."

    The next time I'm shopping for muslin, I will definitely take a look there.

    New York Sewer

  3. Lord, where do I start? Fusible tapes, pocketing fabric, sleeve wigan, tie interfacing, quality muslin/drill/linings - I could go on forever!

  4. I'd like to see 100 percent wool felt in other colors than black and white. By the yard.

  5. Do you know where to get the professional-quality carbon paper that the late lamented Greenberg & Hammer sold? It's probably not carbon -- I mean the very large sheets that came in yellow, red, white and other colors, used for tracing markings on patterns onto fabric?
    Thank you, not just for this but for all your research. I'll be sure to go to Guide next time I go to the garment district, and I'll tell them who sent me, too.

  6. Elizabethdee, you can still find that transfer paper at SIL Thread, the FIT Bookstore and the store across the street from the FIT Bookstore. Steinlauf & Stoller probably sells it too. I think Pacific Trimmings may have some in dark blue. Best price is probably the store across from the FIT Bookstore. (I think it's called Fashion Design Books.)

  7. I am going to the the GC to pick up some muslin this morning -- so instead of my usual place I'll go to Guide and will mention your post.


  8. Thank you for those sources. I've never been to the FIT Bookstore, nor the store across from it -- two more places to visit.


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