Monday, January 24, 2011

Garment District, You Know I Love You...

...but it's only 14 degrees F right now and it always feels colder in Midtown anyway, so I am staying inside on my lunch hour for now.

When I do eventually leave the comfort of my warm office, is there anything you STGD readers would like me to check out?


  1. As I think of spring...would love to know great places for Liberty of London fabrics. I know you mentioned a place last year. I never bought it but would love to make Easter dresses for my girls in the fabric this year!

  2. @ Cindy - the two best places for Liberty fabrics are B&J Fabrics and NY Elegant Fabrics. Also, if you are downtown, Purl Soho carries it as well.

    B&J carries the tana lawn, cotton twill and silks. NY Elegant carries some tana lawn and some corduroy. Their selection is more limited than B&J's but there is not too much overlap between the two stores--you definitely get some variety in the print selections between them. Same thing for Purl.

  3. Once upon a time a LONG time ago, I worked in New York over on 49th and Broadway. Once, one January, it was so cold that I rushed out of the house after a shower without a hat and my hair was completely frozen.

  4. Ooooh, we can dispatch you on assignments??? ;-)

    I need to find a good supplier of navy blue silk faille or taffetta.... from a store open on Saturday or Sunday or very late in the evening! (So there goes Lace Star, sadly, unless I take a day off work to go over there).

    Do Rosen & Chadwick or Mood have any good faille or taffetta these days? ;)

  5. A couple of things for me. I'm interested in things like getting belts professionaly made with grommets, etc. I'd be happy to be a test subject for you :)

    Second, I'd be interested in professional pleating. I know Brigitte posted a site in California, but I wouldn't mind knowing about New York.

    Ummm, it's not *shopping* but I don't have anywhere locally for sewing machine repairs. And, luckily, I haven't needed it. But, I'd be curious if there are basic home sewing machien repair classes offered in the Garment District.

    Oh... I have to make a petticoat in March. Maybe something on can-can or petticoat materials? I know they are different. Not sure where to buy either.

    Are there anymore hat making stores / classes? Too haberdashery?

  6. D1 wants me to make her the Crazy yellow BurdaStyle dress in......emerald green.
    Emerald green chiffon? Yikes........

  7. Just thought of this one. Scissors and shear sharpening while you wait? My only option is Joanns.

    Eyelets and snaps installed?

    Rentable industrial machines?

  8. If you ever come across a store in the city that sells shoe clips, please let me know. I couldn't find them last trip, but then I didn't think about them til late in the week, so I didn't have a chance to ask everywhere.

    The clips I'm looking for are blank metal clips that attach to the top of a shoe/high heel, so you can add your own accessory there. They're like a clip-on earring blank, but made for shoes. I've seen them online, but really -- have I discovered the ONE THING in the universe that ISN'T sold in the GD???

  9. Are knitting shops considered part of the Fashion District, Meg? Just curious. I like to hear about all things 'yarny' in New York besides the Purl Bee (which I do love...btw)


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