Thursday, June 23, 2011

Follow the Garment Girls Around the Garment District This Summer

The Fashion Center BID (Business Improvement District) has three summer interns and they are on a collective mission to learn everything there is to know about New York's Garment District. They call themselves the "Garment Girls" and together they write a blog called "An Intern's Guide to the Garment District," in which they share highlights of the places they explore. So far they've been to Nanette Lepore's design studio, a sample sale on W. 36th, some jewelry and trim places, and Macaron Café. When you need a Garment District fix, visit their blog. (Sadly, I haven't been shopping here much lately, as I am on a mission to sew down my existing stash. But once I start sewing for fall I'll be back again with a vengeance.)

If you aren't familiar with the Fashion Center and its online database of all the businesses located in the Garment District, you should check it out. Looking for wholesale information? This site should be your starting point. People email me every week asking wholesale-related questions and I keep sending them to the Fashion Center. And do follow the Fashion Center on Facebook, because whomever posts for their fan page is funny and excels at writing clever updates. Have a great weekend!


  1. Wow.
    A lot more information to absorb.........thanks Meg.

  2. I forgot to mention. I like the idea of a pattern maker's interpretation, so that if you wanted a correct fitting pattern, you could then leave with a custom fit pattern, and then you could take it home to work from?
    Is this my correct understanding?
    Some patterns I could definitely use that!

  3. A while back while buying fabric I met two ladies from Texas who come to NY once a year to shop at the Garment Center. I told them about your blog. I always think of them when I read something new you've posted.



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