Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Find of the Week: Waterproof Trench Coat Cotton, $5.99/yd

You'll never know what deals you'll find at this store at 257 W. 39th Street.  Ignore the tacky signs at the storefront

Now why didn't fabric store Gate 232 have this trench coat cotton before I paid over $20 a yard at B&J Fabrics for my raincoat fabric?! $5.99 a yard is an amazing price to pay for this quality cotton fabric. I am no expert in determining levels of waterproofness or water resistantness, but it passed the Google-aided tests I administered on a swatch yesterday. (But you know what, at only $5.99 a yard you can't really hate me too much if this fabric doesn't keep you dry enough to your personal satisfaction.) Comes in light khaki and navy, and has a very sturdy hand perfect for three-season rain wear. Look for it in the middle of the store on the right-hand side.

That's the khaki trench coat cotton in the center.

I dropped water on a swatch and it sat like this on top of the fabric for an entire afternoon, until I got tired of the experiment. I was also unable to breathe through the swatch, which is a sign it is waterproof on both sides. Again, don't take my word for it, though; perform your own tests before you buy.


  1. I have that address in my notebook as AK Fabrics. Do you know if Gate 232 is a different store sharing that same address? Or could AK have changed names?

  2. AK Fabrics is still there. This store is just a couple doors east of it.

  3. Thanks! I'll update my notes for the next trip.

    That odd side of the street in the 200 block of 39th is the hardest block for me to keep track of between visits, especially that cluster of little shops at 239. I can never remember which is which, or where I got what! :)

  4. If I'm not mistaken, Beckensteins, AK and what's now called Gate 232 (I think it used to be H&M, right?) all share the same address, oddly enough. Great find, Lindsay!

  5. Meg
    Do you have a phone number for this store? I can't seem to find one in my searches.

    Sorry you are giving up your LindsayTSews I read it everyday. Will surley miss you. Pat Spurza

  6. Great blog I must say! I couldn't stop reading you blog at odd hours after I put my daughter to bed. I came across to your blog when I was searching for windproof fabric for curtain. If you happen to have time to read this...I would greatly appriciate your knowledge. Questions for fabric... I am trying to make curtains for my windows that have wind draft. I found out that you need two layers. Would you happen to know what kind of fabrics I should use or which store in the city I should visit? Sorry for random questions but I can't get rid of thought of making curtains for my cold windows.... Thanks for reading though!!

  7. J, I'm sorry but I don't see home dec and I don't know the answer to your question. Try googling it and see what turns up. If flannel is an interlayer you can get that just about anywhere, including online. Good luck.

    1. I meant I don't "sew" home dec, like curtains.


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