Monday, December 5, 2011

Reader Question Time: Where to Find Home Decor Fabric

Essex sofa from West Elm

Reader Candis asks: "Any upholstery shops in the Garment District?"

While NYC's Garment District is the mecca for fashion fabric, I wouldn't make any pilgrimages here solely to buy home decor fabric. That being said, there are a few places that do sell home dec fabrics for upholstery, window treatments and other home fashion applications. Mood Fabrics has an entire level and staff devoted to home decor fabrics, and you can find some gorgeous things here. Ebad Fabrics on Eighth Avenue has a small selection of home dec fabrics at bargain prices. And last week I discovered that Prime Fabrics on W. 35th is dedicating its upper level to selling home dec fabrics and trims. They are adding new inventory daily.

If you're open to considering fashion fabrics, then your options expand exponentially. Not so long ago I shared a cutting table at B&J Fabrics with two interior designers who were using a thick gray wool to cover some club chairs. M&J Trims has a very large selection of home decor trims and accoutrements. I'd check out the stores on W. 39th Street too, just because you never know what you'll find there.

Am I missing any other home decor sources in the Garment District? Let me know!

Prime Fabrics on W. 35th near Seventh Avenue now has home decor fabrics on its upper level.
More home decor fabrics at Prime.

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