Monday, September 10, 2012

By popular demand...


Due to VERY light interest in this outing, once posted, I have chosen to cancel it, and will assume those who expressed interest in a weekend day are not ready to commit at this time. If in the future, there is significant interest in such an outing, I will plan another one!

Pssst... (lean in, folks) did you know that some of the garment district stores, not normally open on Saturdays, will open for "appointment" shopping?  Like... say... if a whole group were coming?

*Clearing throat*

For those of you who can't come on the November 2nd Speakeasy tour, or can't break free for a day off during your  five-day workweek, have a bit of a journey to Manhattan, have only weekends to shop, and wanna go shopping with your "tribe", there is a SATURDAY shopping trip for you!

The specific advantages of this trip are:

With me as your guide and host (and special secret-agent-advance-discount-negotiator), we will visit stores open and ready for us because we are coming... You'll have the advantage of personal attention, the camaraderie of peer sewing and design enthusiasts, professional and peer advice, along with a healthy dose of helpful critique/opinion (if needed/desired) while shopping... AND you'll still go to the popular "must-see" stores!

This is a walking tour, no trains, buses or cabs involved, so come healthy, and ready to walk!

The date of this trip is October 20, 2012, and it is from 10AM to 4PM, with a one-hour lunch break at noon. (To give you more options, the cost of lunch is not included in the price of this tour.)

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