Tuesday, November 6, 2012

NYC Fabric Store Review: Prime Fabrics

Prime Fabrics, Inc.
212 West 35th Street
(between 7th and 8th)
New York, NY 10001
Tel: (212) 465-0780

No website

Spent a bit of time in Prime Fabrics last week, and found that my take on this store is pretty different from the earlier review on this blog. Wandered in during my post-Sandy stroll, and just in case they have improved their collection and layout since the post was written, I figured I'd check them out, and what I experienced there was pretty darn cool.  Or, could it just be that I appreciate the theatrical and highly festive nature of their offerings??? I wouldn't really go looking for standards in there, and I don't know what I'd tell you to go in looking for specifically.  As for me,  I'd go for the fun stuff.  There is a heavy emphasis on fabrics that appear to be from Africa, Asia, India, and many other places I'm not too familiar with... Let me add, no one in that store shopping seemed to be looking for standards or "normal" fabrics, and I do kinda thrive on that vibe... Creatively speaking, I found it inspiring.

They have a lot of interesting African prints, fun textures and color combinations, and also... just a heckufa WHOLE LOTTA stuff. It feels big and airy in there, compared to so many other garment district stores. The layout of the place tops many others I've seen in the district, but here are some pics of the cool fabrics/colors I found:

The prices were okay - not particularly low, but affordable. The staff was polite, and not pushy at all.  Music played softly, and I think it is a good spot for the non-hustley-bustley type... but then again, I did just go there on Friday, and you know what that day was like...



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