Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Temporarily sidelined

So... I'm on crutches for a bit, and should be back among the walking very shortly.

"Achilles tendonitis", said the Dr. (Diagnosed Sunday 11/11.)

Rest, Ice, Elevation, Compression, and meds. Doing that now.

While this is a pain in the neck for me, I am acutely aware that there are people dealing with far more sever issues in their lives than mine. After Hurricane Sandy, loss of homes, loss of lives of heat, or electricity, an early blizzard, and numerous inconveniences, I am glad that I only have this inconvenience to slow things down for a little while.  I go back to the dr. today.


Doing much better than I was! Healing is going very quickly, and I should be back in action very soon!


  1. Thanks! Dr. says I'm healing remarkably quickly, and I should start gradually "walking myself out of the crutches". Yay!

  2. Ack. Glad to hear you are recovering quickly!

  3. Sorry to hear it! I have a file an inch thick at the ortho doc & have had every kind of "-itis" you can think of, so I feel your pain. :(

    Happy & healthy feet are vital when Shopping the Garment District! Every trip, a good portion of my suitcase is reserved for special shoes & foot care products. I can go through a pair of double-thick Dr. Scholl's inserts per day when I'm on a shopping roll.

    Check out the foot & shoe care section at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply's website. They have an impressive selection, including supplies for tendonitis.

    Hope you feel better soon!

    1. Thank you! This is the first foot/ankle challenge I've ever had in my adult life, and hopefully my last for a GOOD, LONG WHILE!

  4. Sorry you're going through this but glad you're healing. Hope you're back up and around quickly.

    1. Thanks! Today, I can rest my foot flat on the floor while standing, with no pain!


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