Thursday, January 24, 2013

NYC Millinery Supplies Store Review: Hatccessory

60 West 38th Street
New York, NY 10018
(no website)

I am not a possessor of what people like to call "Hattitude".  I wish I were, since, boy, do I have ideas -  fantasies, really, of what I would create...

But let's get real, who has the closet space for all of those "ideas" anyway?

What I do have, is a real penchant for home dec, and I imagine a wonderful oversized hat lampshade, that I might get to create one of these days...  Think crazy lampshade stories about some crazy lady from long ago who had a few too many at a party... and only the hat lingered, immortalized as a lampshade to tell the tale... Even all these years later, we just giggle and heave a deep sigh at the memory.

Inspiration - Do you see the lampshade in this picture?
From "Masquerade and Carnival" Butterick Publishing Company, 1892 

So literal, but I love it! Also from "Masquerade and Carnival".

In the meantime, I'll just do the fun, sculptural hat stuff for myself and the occasional client.

Last week, I wandered into Hatcessory, and found exactly what I was looking for, but until now, didn't know where to find.  This place is not intimidating, just very full and colorful, with staff who are polite while gently offering to help you.  Many years ago, at least a decade or more, one of the wonderful supplies I used to sometimes buy near the garment district, was one of the many plain, stiffened, unadorned hat shapes, to which I could apply all sorts of fabulousness.  In my life, these served me well when making costumes. This amazing millinery shortcut  made my experiments inexpensive and fun, and I just adored the stores that carry many classic and exciting shapes.

Hatcessory has lots of churchy and Broadway hat shapes, lots of ready to wear hats, and lots of adornments to add your own "hattitude"! Sparkly things, flowery things, feathery things, jewel-like things, buckles, clips, and more. A Google image search for inspiration hats reveals a seemingly endless array of lovely sculptural, things to try.

Millinery can be very serious business, and, for the serious milliner, there are specialty supplies you can buy, assuming you know what they are called, how to use them, and how much of the hat making process you want to take on.  However, for those of us who want to play inexpensively, like me, to create fun conversation and artsy costume-like pieces, Hatccesory is a great place to start.

(Psst... If you want to find more fun places to shop in the garment district, sharing the creative energy of a group, come along on a Speakeasy tour.)


  1. Is this a shop name change? A stroll down the street on Google Maps Street View shows "JG Merchandise" there in 2011, also a hat supply place. I thought that address sounded familiar because Tinsel Trading's "The Store Across the Street" used to be in that same group of storefronts, and I pass there on the way to the ribbon store down the street, other side.

    So we should now look for a sign that says "Hatcessory" out front, and a street-level store?

    1. It does have the name JG Merchandise, but all of their printed info for this articular store is "Hatccessory". I think they are a larger company/importer.

    2. Thanks -- I know just where they are & will pop in next time! :)

  2. Millinery is a hobby whose siren song I have tried to avoid, but am now hooked. I'll have to check this place out next time I'm in town.

  3. do you carry leather sweatband initials

  4. I can't say I know precisely what that is... but if not, I would try M&J Trimming, which is nearby, and seems to have all sorts of things in that category...


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