Thursday, January 17, 2013

Responsible blogging, asking questions

Here we are in a new year. I am generally not one for stating resolutions, but this past year inspired me to reevaluate some blog-related things over the holidays.  As I review 2012, it seems that 2013 requires a new approach - or, rather, just the application of a new lesson - like a blogger class from which I've graduated, and am ready to step things up a bit.

Here's why.

Having a blog can, at times,  make one (me, in this case) feel awfully self-important.  The naivete of strolling into stores for which I am not the target market, just to add my two cents, doesn't always fit the idea of making sure this blog is mutually beneficial to business owners and patrons.  This blog is pushing me to recognize and explore the idea that I may not always understand what services or products are being offered at the businesses I visit (especially the new ones), and I probably need to ask more some questions to find out how they fit within the marketplace.

So many of the discoveries I have shared with you over the past few months have been made because I started asking questions, and trying things out.  I'm committed to that purpose, and will keep sharing what I find with you.

In that spirit,  I'll review some "What I thought" and "What I learned" statements, so you can see what I mean.

BOTANI - Expensive Italian zippers with a fancy name, sold in a fancy- looking store? Nope.

Buttonology - I think I've seen enough buttons already.  Who cares? Wait.  There are actually better buttons, and things I haven't seen...

Star Snaps - Why would I pay someone else to put snaps on for me? Because you can do so much better that what you find hanging on the notions racks in the stores.

Jonathan Embroidery - You mean, someone else will put my buttonholes in for me? Sounds like too much explaining. Can I trust them? Better than you can trust yourself, apparently.

B&T Button - You mean someone else will make covered buttons for me? How long do I have to wait? Significantly less time than doing yourself.  Guaranteed.

Guide Fabrics - You mean, even I can buy 25 yards of muslin at wholesale prices?

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply - Where do I find all those tapes and bust support products that claim to be so magical? Better question... what CAN'T you find at Manhattan Wardrobe?

Speakeasy Garment District Tour - Who can take me around to all of the secret stores, and show me a god time, while they're at it? I'll give you one guess...

Elliott Berman Textiles - Where can I find the designer fabrics the big-name designers actually use?  I mean, the really beautiful stuff... Just look at the post.  Unbelievable selection.

Paron Fabrics - And, can I find the leftover fabrics many designers actually used? At great prices, too!

So, moving forward, I will be doing my best to consider which stores are worth your while, based on what you need/want, while also offering vendors who would benefit from the exposure.  Onward and upward!



  1. GREAT post! It seems like you have a really great plan for moving forward. I'm now trying to figure out how I would carry home and where I would store 25 yards of muslin.

    1. Thank you!
      (1) A cab. (2)Wherever your stash is kept, I'll bet! If all else fails, it would make a great, ever-slimming pillow-top layer for your mattress! (kidding, of course)

  2. Mimi, you are an inspiration to me. Keep on doing what you're doing. It's great.

  3. Thanks, you are doing a terrific job. Zoe

  4. hi mimi. my name's eric and i've been having trouble maybe you can help. i'm looking for a specific fabric, of a certain fiber and color, notably deep green wool, in a light weight to make a garment, and i'm having a heck of a time trying to search all the websites. Do you have any pointers?

    1. Well, it is always hard to know from a general description, just what you consider "right" for your garment, but, how's this?'Green'&vpattern=&vapplication=&pricerange=&onsale=&newarrival=&custfav=&closeout=&wholesale=&pagelimit=24&page=1&keyword=&topmatmsvalms=566_2_type&vbrand=

    2. Or, you call Kashi and ask your question live on the phone, if you can be descriptive enough.

    3. Or, again, only if you can be descriptive enough, you call Rosen and Chadick Fabrics, and explain what you need.


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