Friday, February 8, 2013

After the DG Expo...

Frankly, the biggest surprise that came out of my trip to the DG Expo this week, was how affordable so many of the wonderful things I discovered are!  And the low minimums are surprisingly manageable!  And the prices were generally awesome! My big revelation, after meeting, greeting, and viewing all of these fabulous fabrics and notions, was simply this: There is more fascinating stuff out there than you can possibly imagine.  There were many vendors located elsewhere in the country, but many of them also have representatives right here in Manhattan.  Some were in Manhattan, and some have taken a recent jump over to Jersey, but are still very quickly commutable.  True to the title of this blog, I will direct you to the garment district companies on this blog, while my dressmaking Facebook page will feature some of the others.

I'll be gentle with you, featuring one business at a time, mentioning the ones who made the biggest impression on me, and had the most interesting offerings. I am particularly excited about sharing with you, the stuff I didn't think I could find at the retail or low minimum level.  I am extremely jazzed about that!

And while I'm rambling...

Oh, and have any of you seen the shoe exhibit yet - well, today is your first opportunity, I guess! Apparently between 12-3 only!  If you see it today, you are a rock star, to be sure, and tell me, tell me all about it!  I'm in blizzard mode, and can't/won't go anywhere today!

And folks, if I can just give a bratty "Told ya so" for a moment, there is a good reason why I scheduled no Speakeasy tours for February.  See what a Fashion Week rescheduling mess this blizzard is causing?  Hmph... think I'll make a cup of tea now.

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