Saturday, February 9, 2013

Aspiring designers...

Thinking of starting a fashion line?

Don't know where to start?

Listen to/read this NPR article, to get inspired, and then... know that...

Cherie Bixler will help you. I have personally seen her work, and I know that she personally helps newcomers step into the business world and avoid the common pitfalls when starting their own line. You may not know the vocabulary, you may not be sure if your plan is feasible... but she will consult, and advise before you proceed.

9am to 4pm -201-944-2886
After 4pm - 201–944-2885

The following video is part of a recorded presentation she recently made at the TexWord USA show at the Javitz Center.  How generous of them to allow the world to see the presentation videos online. Oh, and she's no slouch, by the way... she also wrote a book!


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