Tuesday, March 19, 2013

March 22 Speakeasy Tour

March 22 Speakeasy... 

The purpose of a Speakeasy tour is twofold sixfold...

It exposes you to the merchants you might not otherwise find on your own, unless you begin your own personal exhaustive research.


It exposes those fantastic merchants and their wonderful products to you.

Oh... and you can shop in an energetic, fabric-loving group.

Oh... and you can have a great route mapped out for you already.

Oh... and you can have a great lunch.

Oh... and things I can't tell you here.

That's why it's a "speakeasy".


I'm excited to see all of you who have registered on Friday!


  1. Great tour of the fashion district. Thank you so much for showing us some great finds in the district. Really enjoyed the day and met some wonderful people. If you ever have the chance to take this tour, you should do so.

    1. Thank you, Evelyn! That was really fun, wasn't it????


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