Wednesday, March 20, 2013

So... let's say you're coming to visit New York...

Short post for the non-New Yorkers!

If you are traveling here from out of town, there are affordable places to stay. Really!  Now that someone has taken the time to write an entire article about it, I can just share the link with you, and you can make your New York City Garment District Tourism dream a reality!


  1. I can't seem to locate the link

  2. Is it the "missing link"? I can't see one either. Thanks, Mimi.

  3. I flit in & out of the hotel so much when I STGD that I need it right there, so I can dump packages, rest my feet, grab a bite to eat, "use the facilities," or shed clothes if the weather warmed up. So my money-saving tip is to continually check your hotel's web page for any last-minute rate changes, then call to see if you can change your reservation to that rate. I did that last fall & saved a ton. The rate dropped the night before I was due to fly, and Marriott honored the new price for my reservation. I had been on their website several times that day, but when I checked that night, there was a brand new "last-minute rate," with a considerable drop in price. Not sure they would have told me that at check-in...

    What I really need is an apartment in the city, or better yet -- a family member with one. I'm working on it!

    1. Ha! But yes, It just also be said that you come to the garment district with that being your main destination. For many, it is PART of a bigger trip, so it makes sense for many to stay a bit away from the district, to get the savings and better views/digs! A family member is absolutely the best way to go, though!

  4. Yep - I don't really do the "tourist" thing on most of my trips, just shopping, shopping, and more shopping. So I need that central hotel as my base, and it helps to have a room with kitchenette & laundry. But I do like the fact that those hotels in Queens are much closer to LaGuardia = less of a wild cab ride on the BQE! And maybe more hotels in the whole area = more competition & better rates everywhere? We can dream...

    I wouldn't mind having one of those waterfront apartments across from Roosevelt Island, either! (Where'd I put that lottery ticket?)


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