Monday, September 30, 2013


Troubleshooting is a form of problem solving, often applied to repair failed products or processes. It is a logical, systematic search for the source of a problem so that it can be solved, and so the product or process can be made operational again. Troubleshooting is needed to develop and maintain complex systems where the symptoms of a problem can have many possible causes.

We can beat ourselves up over something that isn't working.  In the creative design and sewing world, we often suffer alone, when there is help out there!  Did you know that there are many people with amazing skills and abilities who can help you achieve the project  you want to achieve?  And, even better, businesses who can do things for you, better than you could ever do it yourself, for a fee you can actually afford?  I can tell you about them. This is a Q&A post.  Ask your question here, and I'll answer to the best of my ability.

Sometimes, we get stuck in a project, or a creative decision, regarding something we are working on, or plan to work on.  What solves it?  Exploration (non fabric related things can often truly give great ideas! Architecture, horticulture, cuisine), brainstorming (the energy and ideas of others), inspiration (books, exhibits, design shows), and fabric and notions stores (shopping, whether just exploring on your own, or on an organized SPEAKEASY!)

Sometimes, we don't even know what question(s) to ask!

So think about it... and you can still come along this Friday (or any other scheduled date), and fill your head with ideas! 

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