Saturday, October 5, 2013

What happens on a Speakeasy...

Stays on a Speakeasy...

It happened yesterday. The came, they shopped, they saw, they enjoyed.  I would LOVE to see pictures of what will get made using the lovely things I saw them buy!

A stream of consciousness summary of the day would sound something like this...

Busy city, frantic meet-up! Flustered, a few minutes late... Nervous energy!

Enthusiastic welcome, deep breaths and lively stroll.  Looks like an office building... what floor do I push?  Elevator ding... to the left? Deep gasp... what? It keeps going? Printed silks, what is pique? Oooh - Make a bag from this? Bias chiffon flounces, washed silk, knits and novelties and wools, oh my!  

What's next? 

Another stroll - oh... we're still in the lobby?  Maybe I should push the button, huh? Too busy talkin'! Turn right - past that little table?  Oh, this sure is a Speakeasy, huh? Where do I begin?  Explain the layout. Wow - spread that fabric out, and it tells a story! Oooh - this print!  How should I use this one?  What do you think?  Oh, the polka dot splashes!  Note: I wanted them myself, but knew she'd REALLY love it. Okay, fine... It will go home with her. Not me. Oooh! This double-faced wool would be just right for that pattern you brought along.  Just love it.  

Where to next? 

Another quick stroll... Elevator up - boy, when you said "small"... you really weren't kidding! But oooh... what's that?  The price is WHAT (in a good way)? And that matelasse... and that sorta artistic grid pattern...Oh yeah... 

But where can I find my notions?  Oh, let's go! This place is cool... What is this?  And that?  How do I use?  Are these feathers?  Yeah, I can see it in orange for me!  

I'm tired.  Let's eat. I have to go.  The rest of you, enjoy.  Wish I could have stayed to spend more time with you! Subways were STILL a delayed mess. But we all had fun!


  1. Was the "small" place Metro Textiles?? I've only been to the garment district once, but that place was most definitely my favorite. And I never would have known about it if it weren't for this website. Thank you!

    1. Hmmmm... Wish I could tell ya, but... What happens on a Speakeasy...


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