Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Fabrics & Fabrics (and fabrics, and fabrics, and fabrics, and... you get the idea)

Now I'm in creative overdrive...

I ventured into Fabrics & Fabrics on a whim yesterday, feeling a bit nervous, knowing I would be tempted beyond my comfort level... And I was right.  While I could have taken hundreds of photos of things I love, I narrowed down my desire to plan for just these few additions to my Late Summer/Fall/Winter plans.  Here's what I found, and what I think know what these fabrics are saying to me specifically...

That store lures me into a fabric-lovin' trance.  The staff is patient, knowledgeable and friendly, the layout is roomy and exceptional... with perfect lighting and organization.  You just can't beat that.

Really F&F, really?  Surely, you are trying to seduce me. Beautiful, creamy white cashmere just beckoned...

...to be another Miyake coat, but this time, with black leather edging, and black leather buttons.

This wonderfully soft stretch knit with eyelet "stripes"
No inspiration photo exists to convey my dream here, as it only exists in my head, but a roomy, bias cut short dress with a drawstring waist and a center front seam, creating a chevron effect, which has to be worn over a snug-fitting singlet dress for modesty.  (That's right, I said "singlet".)  The singlet would double as workout gear or exertion wear (when worn with a loose T-shirt or tank - I'm not crazy!) for the rest of its lifespan in my wardrobe.

And an endless dreamy cluster of roses...
This pattern doesn't wanna be interrupted.  A long, straight duster style jacket, impeccably fitted and deliberately edged - to be worn over all black or all grey.

When good corduroy goes "plaid"

This corduroy has its plaid print on the bias, making for some interesting possibilities.  And yes, it calls out to be a jumper - can't help it.  It just is.  They may not be "in style", and maybe they are kinda for kids, but this one would be just for me! No apologies.
This photo is from Etsy, and is exactly the shape and idea this fabric wants to be...

A poet's garden
I generally hate... never mind, no, wait, that is EXACTLY right word - HATE poet's shirts, but this fabric calls out for it.  I see white eyelets, laced strings, a delicate placket that stops at bust apex level, roomy, but not "puffy" sleeves, slits at side seams to about 3" above hip level... lemme catch a breeze, and it will just be heavenly, won't it?

But denim's not tired of me...
I'm kinda sick of denim, so I like it when it kinda goes "just wrong enough".  Know what I mean? This denim is right on the edge of love/hate for me, in a way that would let me take it in a wild direction.  That brown flower tells me that this denim wants to hang somewhere.  Maybe not on a body... It should be part of a window treatment, with a brown leather flower crafted by Schmalberg and studs/rivets by Star Snaps involved somehow.

Grey flannel - hand me a pocket square... a red one.

Grey Flannel really says "man" to me.  I also feel that it calls out for a red pocket square.  I'd make a tailored "husband" jacket for me, and add a red pocket square... or, to glam things up, or perhaps a sparkly red boutonniere, crafted by Schmalberg

Embroider my poodle
Cozy and sweet, this "poodle-esque" wool fabric needs to be the simplest of simple cardigan style jackets, worn over a wispy deeper pink/lavender cowl-necked  all purpose top.

Feeling so reptilian...
This fabric has "rock star" written all over it.  Or for me... Saturdays. 

I just happen to really like Saturdays.

Okay, so this dream needs feathers.  Deep green and/or black ones. I'd have to go to Dersh to make that happen.  Plus this wild eyelash fabric I found on a recent trip to Leather Suede Skins for the collar. No picture exists, because its still in my head.

You know what they say... Talk is cheap. 

Okay, so now... let's make some fun stuff!

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At June 18, 2014 at 10:01 AM , Blogger Clio said...

F & F always has such tempting fabrics - it's overwhelming!

At June 19, 2014 at 7:43 AM , Blogger mimi jackson said...

Yes. Beautifully overwhelming.


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