Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Let's give it to the professionals...

Last week, I led a custom tour for a former Speakeasy participant, who is now ready to launch a wonderful new clothing enterprise. Having discussed this client's particular needs and interests before meeting, we did a visited a tight group of suitable stores and services that will produce the very specific results this designer is seeking.

Wonderfully ambitious and creative, as many new designers are, this particular venture will require some solid industry connections, to consistently achieve high quality results.  We explored tools, businesses, and services in the district, and had the pleasure of exploring the New York Embroidery Studio, which was a true visual delight!

Embroidery is part of the company name, but only addresses one of the many things they do. A full-service finishing business, they do things you didn't even know were services you could outsource.  One-offs or production. Yeah.

This company is available for touring and information by appointment only, and you need to be serious (not just curious) to really see the machinery, the experts at work, and closets (upon closets!) of beautiful samples of their work.  You could absolutely DROWN in ideas in this place!

What inspired me most, mind you, is the thought that you can adorn the simplest of shapes with embroidery, tucks, smocking, beads... that idea of simple clothing as a canvas... You can give them your own artwork to be interpreted into an embellishment that will blow your mind!  

Now, of course, the company works with many industry names you know, doing all sorts of fabulous creative techniques.  The machinery they use is very high quality and vital to the process, but the expertise of the employees who operate the machines and/or work with their ACTUAL hands is peerless.

If you want to know more, see their own description of their business here.

So, you can use them for a statement piece, a wedding gown, a home dec item, or any project you choose.  If you need large production, the process is outsourced overseas.

Just visit the NY Embroidery Studio blog to see more of what they do!

New York Embroidery Studio
327 West 36th Street
11th Floor
New York, NY 10018
(212) 971-9102

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  1. Mimi I had no idea that a business like this still exists in NYC. How cool.


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