Wednesday, July 2, 2014

So, what did we learn on yesterday's Speakeasy?

When it comes to Speakeasies, I'm always surprised at how a tour is ALWAYS  far more than JUST a tour.  

Yesterday was truly filled with great interaction, fun-loving, truly inspired and inspiring tour participants, and a great learning trip for all of us.  I had asked the participants in advance what they were looking for and curated the locations before our outing to match their specific needs.  I also took them to peek into and explore places that our conversations inspired along the way. We had a long, productive outing, and I think I learned as much creative and non-creative information from them, as they learned about the choices the garment district offers from me!

The specifics of the trip were specific to our group, and, while I could tell you where we went and why, the specifics are simply too specific, and the stories too unique to share in a way that will serve a wider audience.  This was truly a custom speakeasy for an intimate group, who really enjoyed themselves!

In fact (full disclosure), I have written and erased maybe three paragraphs while writing this simple post.  Either it is short and sweet, or an entire novel!

For the women who were with me yesterday, I offer my sincere thanks for a great day... My brain is still marinating in the inspiration and thought-provoking conversations/ideas we shared yesterday! From ice skating to summer camp, to bags and beads and buttons, to life/creativity/employment in other countries, to, to cotton sateen and eyelet, to the "secret" to traveling from NJ, to the work/life balance, to ... well, on and on and on.... I really enjoyed your company, ladies!



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