Saturday, October 4, 2014

I took a friend to get her machine fixed... in Queens! (about home machines)

A product that intrigues me. Find it at Sew Right

Even the best machines break, get jammed, die... we have to accept that.  But when they do, we need to know where to go, right?

If you have a home sewing machine (not industrial), and are looking to get it repaired, I have only heard of one resource in Manhattan with lots of happy home sewing customers, and, actually, nope, they aren't in the garment district.  Gizmo Notion has some great Yelp reviews, but I have never been there myself.  While it is worth trying City Sewing to repair certain brands, they primarily serve industry clients, using professional equipment.

In my experience, the best, fastest, and highest quality repair service at the best price is offered by Sew Right.  Yeah, you'd have to go to Queens for this one, but it would be worth the time and travel if you needed the services they provide.  They repair all makes and models.  And they do it well.  They also offer lots of sewing classes for home sewers.

Now... If you are a Pfaff owner, you gotta go to Sewtime (conveniently located across the street from Sew Right).  Sewtime offers lots of sewing classes, and there are some pretty awesome ones at the Westbury location (inside a JoAnn's fabric store), like the parent/child class, where you learn as a team.

Personally, I have a wonderful Pfaff, as well as some other non-Pfaff machinery, so I have been to both places, and received excellent service at each one.

On Friday, I drove my professional dressmaker, Manhattan-dwelling friend to Queens to get two of her beloved home machines repaired. While my friend explained the problems with her serger and sewing machine to the staff member there, I looked around at all of the stuff for sale in the store.  I drooled over a few machines, appreciated some quilting fabrics and embroidery samples, noticed their sewing class offerings, and found the "tape" photographed above. I am so intrigued by it, and am thinking of creative uses for it. I was shown one great use for it in the store - you can wrap a thread spool with it, and the tape keeps the thread secure on the spool. I'm sure you can keep things closed with it, secure things that you are working on that are not finished yet... I like the idea of securing loose strands of beads and things like that when you aren't done... I don't know what else to do, but I think I'll buy some, and find a million uses.  Somehow, I've become obsessed with the idea of this tape!

But I digress... We were talking about machine repair, right?

The thing about taking a machine to Queens... you're gonna have to have a friend with a car, rent a Zipcar, take a taxi, and wait a while (think maybe a week or two), but you'll get your machine back, at a fair price for the problem, working like a dream, or a thorough explanation for why it can't/isn't!

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