Thursday, October 16, 2014

Where to Get International Fashion Publications in NYC

Don't believe the address on the bag...

This store has a new location, and great reviews (with the owners' response!) if you Google them.

I wandered into a store that truly surprised me (again) earlier this week. It has been a LONG time since this blog post on Around the World, and this particular establishment has come a VERY long way since.  Packed to the brim with beautiful magazines and fashion, photography and technique books, with great lighting and an efficient layout, don't you dare expect to sit in an armchair (there aren't any) and read A SINGLE WORD without the intention of buying.

Relaxed and in a browsing mood, I entered the store, looking for nothing particular, both overwhelmed and impressed by the choice of publications on display, when I felt the buzz of an incoming text message in my pocket.  I reached for my cell phone, and suddenly, with the aggression of a SWAT team (no exaggeration), the words "NO CELL PHONES!" were bellowed simultaneously by MORE THAN ONE staff member behind the counter.

Frightened, "Ummm... Okay... I'm not using the camera, I just..." I stuttered.

What is this photo? It represents about as close as you can reasonably hope to get to this place for a photo, but look at their website for store photos - the wrinkled white banner announces the location, as it is currently obscured by scaffolding.  Think I'm kidding about the no photo policy?  Just try to get a photo ... I dare ya... and report back (if you live to tell).
Okay.  I get it. Under normal circumstances, I would have been offended and made my exit, but their shouting was so overwhelmingly aggressive that I was more amused than anything.

Yes, there are bold signs banning the use of any camera-like device in the store, and they defend that policy vigorously. I continued browsing, and a few minutes later, in a much softer exchange, I politely asked the proprietor how cell phone use harms a store like his. "After all, a person who snaps a quick photo of a magazine cover is not the same person who would buy a $60 magazine."

"It starts with the cover," he explained, "but people photograph whole articles, full photo spreads.  They don't just bring cell phones, they bring sophisticated photo equipment. Even large bookshops like Borders can't survive in that environment." 

*Note to all:  When I did make my purchase, (yup, I did...) the woman on line in front of me did spend about $200 or so on her magazines, and the store didn't even have the most current issue of one particular magazine she was looking for, so she likely would have bought more, if she could have.

And what do they have?  Everything you've ever wanted, plus everything you never knew existed.  You are only limited by the girth of your wallet.  From a fairly casual browsing experience, I saw at least $500 worth of publications I REALLY wanted to own.

So, what did I buy?

Only the best tween magazine I've seen in a LONG time. I had already heard of it, but I must mention that this magazine is unbelievably great.  I'm glad I read it first, because I may never be able to pry it from my daughter's hands!

You can find issues and info here.

So, visit this store.  Just don't take a camera or reveal your cell phone for ANY REASON.  Don't say I didn't warn ya...


  1. I buy La Mia Boutique here and drool over much of the store.

  2. That is hilarious but I do understNd why they're a little paranoid. Everybody's carrying a camera these days!


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