Thursday, January 8, 2015

What's new at Mood?

Well, not so new at Mood, really.  It's been a little while now, but they've moved what I feel is their best asset to a prominent spot on the street level of the Bricken Arcade (the iconic building which houses the store).

The Mood home decor department at the brick and mortar NYC garment district location, has always been, in my opinion, the stuff of dreams, and I think it is FANTASTIC not to have to go fight through the crowds and check your bag like a criminal* upon entry, the way you do when you head upstairs.  

*Sorry to say it aloud, Mood, but the aggressive bag check has always been a bit uncomfortable for me, and it forces me to plan my personal shopping trips differently, since I don't want to enter Mood with armloads of stuff. I get it.  Theft must be a big problem for you, and you can't tell who means well and who doesn't, but, man...

The best pictures and description of this change are given on a lovely blog I happened to find today, to which I will direct you, since the blog's author did such a stellar job of detailing her experience:


Brightly lit, well organized, clean and inspiring, you will find the home dec fabrics in a this new spot a great catalyst for your creative concoctions.

One particular reason to embrace Mood right now, is that they are consistently making a wholehearted effort to embrace the hobby and home sewer, in addition to the artists and dreamers among us.  Not everyone is designing a runway collection or decorating a yacht, but they do manage to treat you as if you are equally passionate about your own projects, and treat them (and you) as important.

For that, I say "Thank you, Mood."

I suggest you go.

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