Tuesday, March 24, 2015

After visiting the new Sposabella Lace...

Did you know? Sposabella Lace has moved, and on Saturday, I visited with Frank and the gang while they were both open for business and setting up in their new space.

Brightly lit and just lovely, I was greeted with the same wonderful kindness I have grown to love there.

But... get this... there is now a bridal salon at the deep end of the store.  And now, in addition to custom headpieces, they also do alterations.  Can you believe it?

This store is directed at the high-end customer, or the extremely skilled and quality-oriented creative, and it is EXACTLY what the garment district needs.

The beautiful laces are suspended on headers near the front of the store, and some are displayed in cases, to be taken out by staff members if requested.  Don't be intimidated, and be ready to talk budget, if that is a strong consideration for you.

My personal favorite thing about Sposabella are the headpieces.  I bought my own headpiece for my wedding nearly 18 years ago from them.  It was gorgeous, and absolutely unforgettable.  See their current offerings here.

For your truly special events, Sposabella has always been, and will continue to be a fabulous place to go!

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