Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Garment District Exploration - Hai's Trimming

Saturday shopping in the garment district is a bit foreign to me nowadays, but I have discovered that there is an entirely different energy in some of these stores on a Saturday, and I think I like it!

For one thing, performers and their costumers and stylists come out.  They dream and conspire loudly over the magic they want to create, hold things up, drape them on themselves, seek input, laugh and gesture theatrically!  Love it.

Hai's Trimming has a no photo policy, printed boldly on signs throughout the store, so I won't betray it here, but man, do they have some sun stuff!  

I'm particularly intrigued by the couture crystal necklaces pictured on their website here, since I think it is really fun to dress up something extremely ordinary (like a very basic tank dress) with over-the-top party pieces.

This store hasn't been on my radar until recently (client projects, not my own), but the layout and the prices are a real winner for a store of this type.  I tend to get overwhelmed and anxious when I am among an abundance of sparkly small things, because the sight of them all together often extinguishes their individual appeal. When it comes to display and layout, this store does a particularly good job.


  1. What makes them different from in the garment district or with a lot of the same products?

    1. Much more of a costumer's kida place. Not much ordinary stuff - mostly over-the-top stuff.


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