Saturday, October 10, 2015

The Wood-Tobé Coburn School

While heading east on 40th Street yesterday, taking a walking route from the east side (something I rarely do, but I was early for an appointment), I ambled past a glass-windowed, busy room full of fashion students working at industrial machines.  This has become a rare sight in the district now, since so few schools are actually teaching the real hands-on design work.  "What is this?" I thought.  Turns out, I've seen the name on the building before, but never gave it much of a thought, since I really only consider the industry powerhouses (FIT and Parsons) whose names are widely recognized in New York City and beyond.  The Wood-Tobé Coburn School.

I walked around to the main entrance to take a look at their brochure. A polite person at the main desk handed me a mailing card that one can mail to them to "ask for more information".

"We also have a website." She smiled, indicating the end of the conversation, and I made my exit.  Okay, so marketing is not their strong suit.  Maybe I'm just old-fashioned?

I took a look at the catalog offered on the site, as well as the tuition and job placement information.  It seems that this school is more of a trade school, cutting straight to an accelerated program with the goal of landing a job.  While I don't have enough information to actually ENDORSE the school, one might wonder why I am even mentioning it here... I noticed that the students I saw in my brief look through the window looked quite young, professional, and serious.

This private, for-profit school seems to straddle a few different industries, fashion being among them, and, judging from the information I read on the internet, the reviews are mixed.  Largely career-focused, the school seems to be aimed at students who are seeking a foothold on a professional path, rather than an exploration of a specific discipline.

Do any of you readers have experience with this school?

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