Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Playing hurt - sewing therapy... fabrics

Magic fabric

Wiggles are from Fabrics garden, solid is from Metro Textiles

My husband fondled this fabric, laying on my sewing area, and whispered with wonder, "Wow, what is that?"

"Fabric." I answered

"I get that (giggle), but like what..." He trailed off, kinda amazed by the soft, comforting feel of it.  I love the power of something beautiful, and this will certainly be killer.  I do have a 20th wedding anniversary coming up.

I've been wanting to say this for a while, and write a great, optimistic post about creativity, sewing, and the fun stores these fabrics come from... but now I offer this as an escape from the madness.

Here's the deal.  I've always known I would make a poor athlete, because if I sprained/broke/hurt something, the requirement to play through it would be unbearable.  And here we are.  But this time, it's emotional.

When I think back to big events, I can actually remember what I was sewing at the time, using sewing and creativity as therapy, decorating life with the beauty I craved when things felt turbulent.  The emotional equivalent of "playing hurt", I have found it hard to get back in the game, write, and inspire.  I've had a very busy schedule lately, and while that has been a good thing, it has left me very tired and quiet on the sewing/design front.

The media has just been a run of bad news lately, and I can't seem to write all of the light, happy stuff I'd like to write, because I just can't ignore the noise.

We're talking about cops, violence, innocent people, violent and angry people, noisy people, tired people...

Is started writing this post, and needed to stop, because...

We added France (the public event turned deadly in Nice) to that. 

And now let's add... and then let's add...

I think I've lost count.

As I write this, we are about an hour into a relentless circle of helicopters over the house.  I haven't even bothered to check the local news to find out why.  I am so... DONE.

So here is someone who says it better than I can... (my son's favorite You Tuber.)


  1. There are good things happening in the world, you won't hear them from the media. Make an effort to cut the media out and just don't dwell on that stuff. Otherwise, we will all drown under the negativity.

  2. Exactly! And having come of age in the 60's, it feels like deja vu...And yes, we lose count, and notice how some count more than others.

  3. Years ago when I was going through some hard times I used my sewing as therapy. I would just put the radio on my favorite station (not a news station!) and shut myself into my sewing room. I sewed EVERY night...for hours! It worked, too. I came out the other end of those times a more resilient, caring person. Now I just wish I had the time to spend every night sewing!! Please take care of yourself. I really enjoy your blog.

  4. It is very painful, Mimi, what's going on. I also have to compartmentalize or I would not get out of bed.


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