Thursday, July 28, 2016


Sometimes the garment district gets eerily quiet.  The oppressive heat, and what seems to be everyone's focus on other things besides creative stuff, makes it seem ominously quiet.

But that's all in my (our) head(s), I've realized.

Shopping/searching in the district recently, I overheard this, from a store owner... "There are two kinds of shoppers in the district right now: those without money, and those with money, who choose not to spend it. Which are you?"

The short answer?  Both, right now.

So, we stop to appreciate where we are in the cycle right now. Low energy, non-committal, heat-exhausted New Yorkers (and beyond) with a love of creating that will reset as soon as we're ready.

In the meantime, my daughter has given me a creative challenge with one word creative cues to follow.  I have been posting them on my personal Facebook page daily, and am trying to use a bit of quiet time each day to do them, without sacrificing my other daily tasks. It is good mental exercise, and fun to shift into a more creative thought process when a topic doesn't inspire/apply to you.

-At least one work of art a day
-Post everything even if you hate it
-15 days
-30 works/projects/drawings
-Do it in order

1. Contrast
2. Music/instruments
3. A couple
4. Fanciness
5. Something from camp
6. Hair
7. An evil monster
8. Fancy drink
9. Something outside
10. Banner
11. Plant/tree person
12. Fabric/drapery
13. One of those draw the squad memes
14. A drawing without using pencil or erasable material
15. An animal
16. Fashion
17. A portrait
18. A tv show from when you were younger
19. Yourself
20. Food
21. Something on fire
22. Someone in five different cartoon styles
23. Fanart
24. A strong emotion
25. A person with glasses
26. Rain
27. Big sweaters
28. A person with a pet snake
29. Redraw something from the past
30. A black and white drawing on black paper

Some examples of my interpretations here:

#3 - a couple

#1 - contrast - my practice entrelac knitting

#4 - Fanciness - ombre home manicure - not good lighting

So, basically, relax folks, no matter where you are geographically, have a cup of whatever soothes you, and we'll talk again very soon.

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