Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Sweating the small stuff. My fabricaholic confession...

On a recent trip into the garment district, I stopped into a store I have visited many times before, and at times, have had some mixed feelings about.  True to my "if you don't have something nice to say..." philosophy, I won't make this post about that store, specifically.  It has more to do with just a "Are there any rules in business anymore?" kinda feeling this encounter left me with.

This particular store has a small bin of leather scraps. I was looking through them, just out of curiosity. I found some very pretty matching scraps, which, with some creativity, could have been incorporated into some projects I have in my head. Now, the shape of these scraps did not disguise their journey.  They were clearly just waste from a small factory, but... flip them over, and they were each marked with what were clearly OUTRAGEOUS prices, considering they clearly otherwise should have been trash.

So fine.  Don't buy them, and move on... right? Why am I complaining?

Here's the thing.  The staffer comes over to me, notes my sad adoration, and offers me the stack, at what would have been at least an 80% discount.  Maybe he recognized me from past visits... maybe not.

In any case... WHAT????!!!!

And sadly, it is gonna take everything I've got not to just run there on Thursday and buy those scraps, even if the discount is less steep...

That shows you just how crazy I am... dreaming of trash!

Nevermind.  I'm going back.


  1. That's approaching the real price of the pieces. I bet if you bargained you'd get it for even less. We've been to India a couple of times and while there are places one does not bargain, if you don't bargain you do get taken.

    1. Well, these were teeny scraps. And I mean teeny... The prices were OUTRAGEOUS, written in pen on the back of the scraps... The discount price us great for a person who wants to craft with it, and... you'll have to be creative about how you piece, because there is nothing larger tan a change purse you would make with many of them. Seriously. That small.


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